Erase away wrinkles, sun damage and brown spots! 
Fraxel is the laser to erase wrinkles, sun damage and brown, uneven discoloration.
It even tightens up the skin.
Tried and trusted, Fraxel Dual is a fractionated laser specifically developed to correct the signs of aging...without the downtime of previous lasers.
Dr. Anjali has been performing Fraxel treatments for years and can show you the benefits of this amazing treatment.


Laser Body Tightening

Everything gets a little softer and more droopy as we age.  
Whether it's your face, eyes, neck, arms, legs or abdomen, we now have several treatments for skin toning and tightening.
Our lasers, Thermage, radiofrequency, Fraxel, fractionated CO2, Clear & Brilliant, Precision Tx (SmartLipo laser neck lift) and highly effective skin care products are made specifically to make you look toned, lifted and more sculpted.